Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Review - Shu Uemura Égérie Eye Shimmer Duo

Duo color eyeshadow that includes a shimmering creamy liquid and hyper sparkling glitter powder. After applying the liquid base, layer on the soft crushed glimmering powder which stays on perfectly for sparkling and enchanting eyes.

The 130th shu uemura Spring Mode Makeup Collection invites you to be an "Égérie:" a rebellious and daring spirit who never loses her sense of elegance and sophistication. The collection is inspired by the glamour of rock and roll. Flashy, glimmering shine is complemented with delicate satin sheen finishes to transport you under the spotlight of the captivating rock stage.

Mmmmm, Shu Uemura, the makeup brand that even people who know nothing about makeup recognize. I got this Égérie Eye Shimmer Duo in two color combos, the blue and the purple. The idea is that you first prime the eye with the liquid base (which is a deep gunmetal grey with the purple shadow and a medium brown with the blue), then wait for it to dry, then put the powder over it. I'm not sure which color is supposed to be more prominent, or if the effect is supposed to be a more iridescent one, but I will tell you this: with the purple powder/grey base, the color looked like a glittery grey (lovely). With the blue powder/brown based, the color definitely looked blue. Without the base, the powder worked fine, but they are definitely intended to be a pair. I was impressed with the staying power - these are more evening colors than day, and when I put it on before going out for the night, it performed admirably. You all know I'm a cheapo, and would never buy anything this expensive with my own money, but I was very happy with it otherwise.

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