Monday, August 9, 2010

Review- CLEAN Body Veil

CLEAN Moisture Absorbent Fresh Body Veil is not your grandmother's powder! This fresh-keeping essential harnesses Cotton Vantage, a new technology that blends cotton seeds, cotton extracts, and cotton proteins to help absorb excess moisture. The time-release scent keeps skin smelling CLEAN all day long, while it helps keep you dry and protects delicate, moisture-sensitive fabrics.

I'm not really a powder girl, just way too lazy to bother with the extra step, and don't get sweaty enough to really need it. However it was quite a pleasure using CLEAN's Body Veil powder. The powder puff is super feminine and adds a layer of delicacy to your daily beauty routine. The powder itself is light and fluffy, and blends in easily so you don't end up looking like you just forgot to put lotion on that morning. The scent is fresh and light, and doesn't compete with your perfume, just leaves your skin nice and fresh all day. This product is a must for ladies who get a bit sweaty on a regular basis, but it will make a nice addition to anyone's beauty regimen.

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