Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Review- Alpha Hydrox Ultra Rich Hand Therapy

Super creamy formula enriched with Lactic AHA. Gives immediate, long-lasting relief for even seriously dry, chapped hands. Rich & silky, not greasy. 3% Lactic AHA. Fragrance Free.Contains silky, smooth moisturizers with no greasy residue

I know it's summer and my hands are not even the slightest bit dry or scratchy - but I'm so addicted to this super thick and rich hand cream, that I can't stop using it! It really, really is creamy and takes quite a long time to dry, but once it does, boy is it worth it! I love the feeling of moisturized hands that last throughout the day. With continued use, my hands seem to be softer than ever. I'm so hooked on this hand cream and am glad it's affordable because I think I've converted to this thick lotion year-round!

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makeup said...

During summer we experience dry skin, especially if we are exposed in the heat of the sun. But with Alpha Hydrox, no more dryness. I am a big fan!