Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review - Bella Bronze Chamomile & Goat's Milk Self-Tanner Face and Body

This creamy self-tanning blend from Bella Bronze is a delicious way to obtain a sunkissed glow for face and body. The streakless, easy-to-blend formula features moisturizing, soothing and nourishing extracts of golden chamomile, virgin olive oil, shea butter, goats milk and fig

In retrospect I might have done a bit more research before choosing this Bella Bronze Self Tanner. All in all I really liked it, although you can definitely tell that the lovely olive skin is not naturally mine. If you are not as pink skinned as I this will be your favorite companion. It doesn't streak, stink, or fade quickly. It builds really nicely, and any normal yellow toned lady will LOVE this self tanner. I did have one issue with streaking when I put it on relatively carelessly, so please take your time with the exfoliating and applying. I think if you are pink and white, as I am you probably have the same issue with self tanner not looking very natural. Its a fact of life for us with uber pale complexions. Otherwise this is a very good self tanner and for the price ($29) this tube is brilliant. I am pretty sure it will last you and entire summer, even if you applied every day (not that you will have to.) Anything is better than a real tan....but this is better than most!


temptu said...

If you're searching for a tanner which doesn't harm your skin, then this is the best solution. Chamomile helps skin looks radiant.

deedlejuse said...

I totally agree. Chamomile is really a wonder herb. This self tanner is wonderful!