Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review- Tokidoki Prisma Lip Gloss

A sheer, nourishing high-shine gloss with packaging that features characters from magical world of tokidoki.This non-sticky formula comes with a yummy blueberry flavor, plus protective kudzu and marine extracts.

The most impressive thing about this lip gloss is the super cute packaging. There are super cute Tokidoki characters all over the package, and inside the cap. The formula is great on shine and moisturizer, but lacks in the color department. I tried this in Bullets, a berry shade, which was pretty in the tube, but didn't really look the same once applied. The hues are pretty sheer, and if you try to layer it on it just gets gloppy and makes your lips look greasy. It also does have a little bit of flavoring, which isn't bad as flavored glosses go, but I am just biased against most flavors and scents in a gloss. If you're into sweet smelling, sheer glosses you will probably like this one, but since I love full, bold color, its def not for me.

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