Monday, July 12, 2010

Review- Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Hardening Formula

Exclusive Coral Calcium Formula bonds nail layers together to harden and thicken for 10 continuous days to stop severe, problem nails from tearing. Patented Time-Release Technology continuously reinforces and conditions nails.The Power of Continuous Treatment.

My nails have been a little frail and thinning lately! Maybe it's from previous manicures or a combination of other factors like stress, hot water, etc. whatever the case may be, my nails were in some serious need of rescue. Fortunately, the Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment did just the trick to turnaround the state of my nails from desperately weak and splitting to fully stronger and resilient in just a short amount of time! By the first application, I noticed that my nails did look more fortified and durable. It's recommended that you reapply every other day or so, but even when I skipped an extra day or two, the coating remained strong and the treatment seemed to continue working. Depending on the state of your nails you can see results almost instantly like me or within a few days. Also, I love the pale pink translucent shade. It's perfect between brightly colored manicures or when you want to give your nails a break and still have them conditioned and covered at the same time. I love this Continuous Treatment, because not only is the shade soft and pretty, like a French Manicure, but also the treatment actually works! If your nails are in need of a quick repair or if you have thinning nails on regular basis - this hardening formula works beautifully well!

Sultana says: Before I tried this, I had just gotten one of those new "color gel" manicures. They are fairly new and last about three weeks. Being the flaky person I am, I got tired of having the same color after the second week. I forgot that they needed to be soaked off. I PEELED them off! Needless to say, bad idea. My nails were in horrid condition. They were dry, chipped and rough on the surface. Not to mention fragile. I used this treatment shortly after and thank God I did. I cut my nails down and used consecutively for a few weeks to help my nails recover. They did beautifully and now they are stronger than ever.

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Karolina Grzybek said...


I have started the treatment yesterday but I am just not sure if a should put a new coat on the one which I have put the previous day or should I clean the previous coat and put a new one?
Thanks in advance.