Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review- Eve Pearl Kisses of Pearl Lip Gloss Combo

This multi-functional gloss provides rich color, luscious glide and smooth texture for a slip that feels fresh and moist on your lips. Pearl shine will hydrate and nourish giving the appearance of fuller, smoother and healthier looking lips. The subtle hint of mint flavor leaves your lips seductively kissable and refreshed.

I love a double-duty lip gloss. Having two great colors in one is huge for me, since I'm all about streamlining the beauty process. Eve Pearl's Lip Gloss formulas leave your lips smooth and shiny, restoring moisture lost by heat and wind damage. Even though I almost always hate flavored lip glosses, the tingly mint flavor is subtle enough to not be annoying, and is actually quite refreshing in weather like this. And unlike some lip gloss duos, both colors are equally gorgeous, so you won't end up disappointed with the hue combo you choose.

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