Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review - Sally Hansen HD High Definition Nail Color

The Color: Pure, vivid pigments with multi-dimensional color & vibrance.
The Technology: Patented formula with Real Liquid Crystals for multi-dimensional color and iridescent shine!
The Result: Dazzling, Lustrous High-Definition Color.
Available in 8 Luminous Shades! Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde free.

So I got this color in LCD, a hot pink sequined lovelieness that is a permanent part of my summer collection!! I absolutely love the color, unfortunately I couldn't find the color on the internet, but suffice it to say it should be!!! It is this brilliant hot pink shimmer that needs at least three coats to be as fabulous as it should be. The wear is incredible, at least three weeks without even a chip! I didn't even need to use a top coat or base coat. I have to say I would have loved it if it had taken less time to dry, but it was comparable to many other nail colors.

I love this nail color, because it is a wonderful hot pink that should without a doubt be in your Summer collection!

Malikah says: I didn't really understand the concept of "high-definition" as it applies to nail polish. I mean shouldn't they all have vibrant colors and a lustrous finish? So anyway, I tried this in Blue, a pearly sea blue shade that was really bold and fun for summer. It was so pale when I applied it that it took four coats to get the true shade. I did my nails one night and waited over an hour for them to dry before going to bed, but it was still all smudged in the morning. Overall I did like the color, the pearly finish, and it was pretty vibrant, but I'm not sure if I should chalk that up to the HD formula or the fact that I had to layer on four coats. I would say try this if you have the patience for the multiple coats and long drying time, but if you're lazy like me, stick to a quick drying, one-coat formula.

Sultana says: The color that I have which is "Laser" is the epitome of what I love. Shimmery, shiny and bold color! This color is a deep glittery blue with a hint of purple. I guess that is the HD aspect of this because it looks blue in some angles and purple in others.
As much as I love this color, the consistency of the nail polish itself makes it hard to dry. Even though the color is dark, it goes on lighter than it looks. So you need to put at least three coats to get it to look like the shade on the bottle. If you have a lot of time to dry, then it isn't so bad. I am usually in a rush when I do my nails so this didn't work out well for me. Sigh!

Melissa says: I also had LCD and was intrigued by the by the hot pink color with shimmery goodness inside. I like the luster of the polish on my feet which is almost like an opaque pink, but it is quite faint. This polish is good for a fun day at the beach, vacation or just a relaxed look. If you're wearing a polish to the office or an event, I'd recommend another Sally Hansen product. Regardless, this will be on my toes for several days!

Trish says: I tried it in a shiny watermelon-like Pink (called #11 Wavelength) and love the color! One thick coating was enough for me and the vibrant color truly stood out, complementing the summer weather beautifully! I agree some shades may take a few more coatings, but this one did just fine within one or for a more thorough manicure - two. The fun part is the shimmer and light sparkle - especially for adding that playful and flirty look for the season! Overall, I really like this polish as well as its bright pink shade and feel it's a nice go-to choice for this time year!

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