Friday, September 14, 2007

Bond #9 for Boys

Bond No. 9 New York - DNA For Him / 3.3oz $185.00

Created for Saks Fifth Avenue in our signature DNA patterned bottle. An elegant aqua scent, containing an initial dash of Sicilian bergamot for coolness, followed by cardamom, amber and cedarwood for warmth. What makes this eau de parfum metro-modernity is the addition of notes that are new to luxury perfumes: a marine accord, fiery chilies, seductive incense and soothing guaiac wood from South America.This blend of classic and contemporary reflect the eclectic downtown spirit and style of NoHo-based Bond No. 9. 3.3 oz.

It's about time that one of the coolest fragrance companies has finally branched out to help all the boys out there smell as good as their gals.. I love so many of the bond scents and love, love, love their bottles, they are definitely the kind you want to have out for people to see.. Cool, chic and funky.. Can't wait to take a deep whiff of this!

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