Friday, February 24, 2012

Review - MBeze Ife Deodorette

- (ee-FEH) – a female African name meaning “love” -
The essence of strawberry makes this scent sweet, while African musk and sandalwood give it a lovingly bold and exotic appeal. Keep this cosmetic deodorant in any purse, bag, or pocket for convenient application wherever you are. Made with natural and organic Ingredients. Not tested on animals.

I don't want to be a nay sayer. I try really hard to like everything that I try from small natural skin care lines. The "Deoderette" is a mini deodorant, it is about the size of a chubby Chapstick but a bit shorter. While it would totally be convenient to throw in my pocketbook or clutch I find the size makes the deodorant quite difficult and uncomfortable to apply. The product itself is really waxy, so it isn't really slick when your applying it which adds to the difficulty of it. Personally I do not like deodorant, I'm bad and I use antiperspirant. For me it wasn't worth the difficulty, despite the size and the very cool naturalness and innovation of this company. The product does work well and has a pleasant strawberry scent and it does neutralize odors on the skin. If your a deodorant user, and you have issue with how much space your product takes up in your bag than this "Deodorette" could be for you. Unfortunately, you'll have to spend $10 for .3 oz on it......... for me its a no, but if you love all natural ingredients and cute little start up companies this product is definitely for you!

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