Monday, February 13, 2012

Review - L'Occitane Hibiscus Flower Shea Hand Cream

This Limited Edition Hibiscus Flower Hand Cream, enhanced with an exotic and sensual fragrance, is highly concentrated in Shea Butter (20%) to help protect, nourish and soften your hands.

She went to Tahiti the summer after her sophomore year of college. "All alone?" her friends asked her. Alone, she told them, she could have an adventure. Her grandmother had given her enough money to sustain a few months in a tropical climate, so off she went.

It was hard at first, being a foreigner who wasn't quite a tourist. "I want to see everything," she told the woman in the dress shop. "Everything? Good luck," she said, and went back to her gossip magazine.

But she did try to see everything, even when rain beat down like there could never be enough water. As she ran through the rain, she saw him: a tan boy with a basket full of hibiscus blossoms. He saw her dashing through the rain and chuckled. "Kind of wet out, wouldn't you say?" she shouted over the sound of thousands of water droplets pelting the ground and the trees and the rocks. "Kind of?" he laughed outright at her, and held out a flower. "For the lady in the rain." Then he was gone. And at the end of the summer, so was she.

Sometimes she thinks about that boy when she uses her L'Occitane Limited Edition Hibiscus Flower Hand Cream. She lets the shea butter soak into her dry hands and inhales the divine scent of the flower that, for a moment, meant everything to her. She's older now, and doesn't run in the rain, but at least her hands smell like hibiscus.

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