Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review - Greenleaf Spa Foaming Hand Soap

Cleanse and refresh frazzled hands with the fluffy lather of our Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap. Infused with Aloe and Chamomile, this gentle soap will leave your hands feeling soft and supple.
I've always had a weird anti-foaming hand soap bias. I think it's maybe that I don't feel like I wash my hands as vigorously with foam soap as I do with a liquid soap, or something? Like, half the work is already done. It's lathered up. What's left for me to do? So I was skeptical with this one.

However, I put this Greenleaf Spa Foaming Hand Soap in my downstairs bathroom to see how the roommates reacted. "Oh my god," one said. "It's so...SMOOTH." I had to agree with him. The soap leaves your hands feeling clean, but SOFT. Like, creepily soft. And the scent we got - snow flowers (not a real flower) - isn't available online anymore, but if the others are anything like this one, they'll be dreamy.

Okay, so the soap is a little pricey. Maybe you get it and you put it in your Fancy Bathroom where some mom in the 80s would have put shell-shaped soaps that I never ever thought were candy and accidentally ate one time. Throw some seahorse towels on the rack, put this foaming hand soap behind the sink, and you got a stew* going.

*stylish toilet everyone wants

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