Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review- I Love Blueberry & Smoothie Hand Lotion

Super smooth and luxuriously nourishing our new hand lotions will leave your hands super soft and beautifully fragranced.

Mmm, I love the smell of blueberries and this hand lotion delivers highly on scent! I recently switched hand soaps and lately my hands have been super dry, although using this lotion really has softened my skin and made a recognizable difference. My hands literally went from dry and scratchy to silky and well-nourished just from this cream. It's a strong sweet scent so if that's what you're looking for, there's no shortage of fragrance here. Personally, I love the extra burst of fruitiness and find it surprisingly gratifying! Aside from the enchanting scent, my hands really do feel soft and silky couple that with a light touch of luxury, this lotion is an all-around go in my opinion. It dries fairly quickly and doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky, but softer and sweet-smelling, that enough had me sold from the go!

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