Monday, January 2, 2012

Review : Promise Me Eau De Parfume

Top Notes: mandarin, bergamot,
blood orange, sparkling yuzu, fresh

Mid Notes: pink peony, rosewood,
wild orchid

Base Notes: white patchouli,
creamy musk With every Promise Me fragrance sold, a donation of 13.5% of sales will be made to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, with a minimum guarantee of $1,000,000

Promise me is a Floriental Eau De Perfume, I love the cause, I love the scent: a light floral oriental with some pretty white musks and an ambery finish. I found this fragrance online discounted everywhere. in my opinion I would rather pay the full price and make sure that the donation to cancer research is there. Give it as a gift or wear it yourself, but lets get it people! I will tell you all that I am actually a registered fragrance sales specialist with the Fragrance Foundation of America (I've got a pin!) so I know A LOT about fragrance. This EDP is surprisingly light, and the staying power is not really there, I would give it an hour or two before it's quite difficult to tell you are wearing it. I do love the scent as you put it on, so clean yet ambery and very bright, but I love the cause more. Here is a little more info on Susan G. Koman for the cure.
While the staying power of the fragrance is a little iffy the good you will be doing is definitely there. I have quite a few perfume bottles, but this one I will definitely keep on display!

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