Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review - Mehron Celebré Precious Gem Powders

Shine on with Celebré Precious Gem Powders developed by Mehron, Innovators of  Extreme Beauty Makeup. Celebré Precious Gem Powders are luminescent, radiant, sexy, glowing powders that will add a jewel like luster to your skin.These sparkling powders are made with a soft, silky powder that can be applied from head to toe for any occasion. Add a beautiful shimmer to skin for parties, dinners, professional performances or romantic evenings at home.

I have mentioned before that I think I was a drag queen in a past life. These Mehron Precious Gem Powders belong to that past-life drag queen. I need to think of a name for her to go with my burlesque name, Busty Springfield, and my roller derby name, Deathel Merman.

Now, Mehron, as you may know, is a professional stage makeup company. This means their products are SERIOUS, y'all. Like - you wear this stuff when you are doing a Broadway show or an America's Next Top Model Photo shoot. In almost any other context, Mehron is TOO INTENSE. I think this is true of these Precious Gem Powders, which are available in all 12 birthstone tones. I got Diamond (April), Garnet (January), and Topaz (November). They are sparkly, yes. And you get sparkles just about everywhere when you try to use them. So just be aware of that. I'm going to try mixing them with a little baby oil or something next time I use them, so I don't end up covered in sparkles. But they are VERY intense and would be good for Halloween (for normal people) or for Saturday night (for drag queens or straight girls who wish they were drag queens).

I do want to point out that Mehron, in their copy on the website (see above), suggests that this shimmer is good for "romantic evenings at home." I want to know whose idea of romance involves being covered in spark--

...oh, right. Those people.

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