Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review- Dinair Advanced Airbrush Seminar in NYC

This two day course was one of the best learning experiences I've had since starting my journey to become a make-up artist. I now officially consider myself a make-up artist who specializes in airbrush thanks to what I've learned from Dina (the company's owner and THE pioneer of airbrush make-up) and Julie (my instructor). The thing is, once I tell you everything I learned you'll think it was all done at a break-neck pace and that I wouldn't retain any of it; but it was taught gradually and thoroughly at a pace which was easy to follow.

For this advanced course, you need to have taken an intro course or have a good working knowledge of airbrushing foundation and operating an airbrush. There are two prices for the course, one includes a Dinair mini-compressor, the other does not. I highly recommend the Dinair mini-compressor even without a course as it weighs almost nothing and is capable of performing any task you ask of it (for a reasonable amount of time). I actually carried mine back and forth to school every day because I found I could fine tune it much better than the school's industrial strength machines. I also want to note that with this compressor and a and a brief introduction, anyone could use this machine.

We learned how to airbrush just about everything that could be airbrushed! I was spray tanned and I spray tanned someone else, we learned how to make patterns using stencils AND we learned how to make our own stencils. The stencils were also used when we learned body painting and a make-up application of an entire face using airbrush- I mean everything down to the eyeliner and mascara (bet you didn't know you could do that with an airbrush? I know I didn't). And of course we perfected our foundation techniques.

Go to YouTube and type in "dinairairbrushmakeup" and watch some of the tutorials. You'll see that it isn't as scary to airbrush as it seems! Also click here to see a list of upcoming classes & cities. If all of their classes are as good as mine was, it's well worth the price of admission.

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