Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NYC Maximum Boost Volumizing Mascara

Build each lash from root to tip for maximum volume ... silicone resin "wraps" lashes for visible thickness on contact. Pro-Vitamin B moisturizes and nourishes lashes for silky smooth texture. Shorter applicator rod delivers precision control.

As with all New York Color products, the main draw here is the price: this stuff is like $3! What! And as with all New York Color products, it is fine for the money. I would not say it is the most volumizing mascara I have ever used in my life, but neither is it completely ineffectual. Some of my friends and I had an analogy comparing a dude one of them was dating to Au Bon Pain: he was nice enough, but she was really only dating him because he was around. Au Bon Pain is fine, but does anyone ever seek it out? It's not really a destination restaurant; it's just the place you go because it's around the corner and if you don't get some coffee and a freaking pastry in your body right now you might stab someone. But it's pretty good coffee, and pretty good pastries, and you'd much rather have that than a bodega coffee and a croissant in a wrapper.

This mascara is like Au Bon Pain: not a destination mascara, but definitely better than nothing (or Wet 'n' Wild).

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