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Review- Frais Hand Sanitizer

Frais Hand Sanitizer adds luxury to the smart practice of regular hand sanitizing. The 66% high grade eco-friendly sugarcane alcohol kills 99.9% of germs on contact. Les Huit, an elegant mélange of eight natural Australian blended essential oils conjures uplifting thoughts and leaves hands pleasantly moisturized. Frais contains only natural non-toxic ingredients.

The World Health Organization, CDC and the Mayo Clinic attest that our concentration of ethyl alcohol kills 99.9% of germs encountered in everyday life including influenza, the common cold, tuberculosis, bird flu, MRSA staph and many others.

Frais Hand sanitizer is recyclable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan. 1.7 oz. $7

This is a great example of paying a little more to get a higher quality product. This doesn't smell like any other hand sanitizer I've used. It is fragrant and citrus; if I could wear it as perfume I would. The bottles we got to try were really tiny 0.2 oz. and I initially thought they were made just as samples. But they are sold on the site for $3.50. I balked at first and then I tried the sanitizer. I squeezed out the usual amount I use when I use Purell. It turns out that is like 3 times the amount you need. You need only a pea sized amount to cover your hands front and back. I also have to say my reaction in the first second I had it on was not favorable. I thought "This stuff is going to stick my fingers together." I was totally wrong. It may feel sticky when it first comes out of the container, but it dries as if it was never there, leaving just the scent as a reminder. If you use a lot of hand sanitizer (I only use it when I ride the subway), I recommend investing in this product. It is just so much nicer to use than the average hand sanitizer and the smell olone is enough to make it worth your money. They also have a gift package available of 14 travel (o.2 oz.) sizes for $33.00 which would be great for a health conscious friend who is hard to buy for.

Sheba says: I second the motion!! First, I adore Citrus -- but it has to work and it cannot dry my skin out. The scent is positively gorgeous -- I would definitely wear it if they made this scent as a cologne. We know it works from all the accolades from the World Health Organization, Mayo Clinic, etc. It leaves your hands feeling like you just put lotion on!!! All others have left my hands feeling clean but dry. Usually the alcohol does the job but dries the skin. I have been using a citrus scented hand sanitizer and I won't mention the name. I would have given it a decent review BEFORE trying this one. The other citrus is not a real citrus and it dries my hands. I thought they had to dry your hands out to work due to the alcohol. Now I have actually tossed the others. I keep one at my desk, the kitchen table and my bag. Those are going to be replaced with these. I do not mind paying a bit more for the quality I am getting. I will not pay more to get what I had been using. Believe me, your hands will love you for using Frais Hand Sanitizer. It is perfect for those times when you do not have access to soap and water. This is the best I have tried and I have tried many! Give your hands a real treat -- you can try the smaller version until you are converted. You will order the large size after your first use with it.

CitySlicker Says: Can I third the motion? This is a great product. I have been sick for over a week. I have been going to work so this has been a perfect product for me. I have been using it on a daily basis. I have been using the smallest amount and found that since using almost 2 weeks my paws haven't experience any drying. When I use the other brands that are sold at the local drugstores, I have found that with prolonged use my hands start to dry and flake - almost like a chemical burn. My experience with this sanitizer has been wonderful. My hands are not dried out in the least and I feel like I am not passing my germs on to all the innocents that I encounter. You really need only the smallest amount so this little bottle is something that lasts.. I would re buy in a heartbeat.

Maria says: I have to admit, I was thinking that this hand sanitizer wouldn't be any different from the various hand sanitizers out there - when they first came out at Bath and Body - I scooped a bunch up - but ended up being kind of underwhelmed as I felt my hands may have been sanitized but they were on the dry side. Frais does not do this. At all. And that's what makes it a must buy product. It's in my pocketbook and our IT guy at work has been, as Miranda Priestly would say, "an incubus of viral plague" in the office and he was at my computer trying to fix something the other day hacking all over my keyboard - so not only did I sanitize my hands with it, then I put some on a little tissue and wiped the keyboard down. Not only did my office smell like citrus, but I felt I was better armed at not catching whatever the heck that boy has. I love the ingredients - tangerine, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, etc. - The biggest plus for me is that there is absolutely NO dryness with the Frais. Your hands just feel clean and soft and there's not that weird chemical smell that I have found to be associated with most hand sanitizers. This is definately a repurchase. Love it.

Deedlejuse says: I again agree with all the ladies above. This hand sanitizer smells like essential oils to me, with ginger being the predominant smell, but it is beautiful and natural, very unlike most hand sanitizers. I am also amazed by the small amount you need for this to actually work. The .2 oz container is really more like a multiple week supply. There was not noticeable drying of my hands from the alcohol in the product, probably because it is less than 50% alcohol if I understood the lable correctly. Go home and check any other hand sanitizer you have, none of them will boast the reliance on essential oils instead of alcohol. Very well done and well thought out product! I'm in love.

Sheba says: Thanks, Maria. I was hesitant to admit that I use a drop of this on my phone at work after other people use it. One of our truck drivers is a cigar smoker who leaves an awful odor and I cannot even imagine the germs. I had been using those little alcohol wipes before discovering this. Now I am killing the germs, the odor, and enjoying the scent much more than rubbing alcohol. I was so glad to read that someone else uses it similarly. The tiny amount you need for your hands or phone or whatever -- is incredible. Other uses I have discovered are the keyboards to my work and home computers along with doorknobs. I read they are the top places for germs to find a home. So even without a coughing IT person -- I do need to sanitize my keyboards. Another use I have read about and found to work great is -- stainless steel appliances. It removes fingerprints, etc. while leaving them scented wonderfully if you use the Frais Hand Sanitzer. If you use another brand I cannot vouch for it as I won't be using other brands after using this. Frais Hand Sanitizer is so efficient for just a drop!!

Movie Maven says:
If you're a regular reader, you may have seen some of my other reviews of hand sanitizers - I don't like them, primarily because I don't actually believe they do anything terribly beneficial. If my hands are dirty, I wash them. Anyway: This predisposition aside, though, if I was in the market for a hand sanitizer, this one would be the one. As most everyone else said, the scent is lovely - citrusy and fresh, and not medicinal like some sanitizers you find. And it really does absorb SUPER fast and leaves your hands nice and dry, not sticky and gross (which is another beef I have with most hand sanitizers). So while I won't start using any hand sanitizer regularly, if I ever suddenly develop a case of germophobia, I will definitely start using Frais!

Amanda S. Says: I confess to not being a regular hand sanitizer user, mostly because I have a steadfast rule to just wash my hands a fair amount during the day and let the healthy bacteria on my skin naturally destroy the bad stuff, instead of messing with the balance. HOWEVER (and it's a big however), sometimes I do stuff that absolutely required some sort of sterilization of my hands / the kids hands around me (niece in particular) such as - accidentally touching something really gross in a public bathroom, touching yucky pet 'by products' (how do you discuss a litter box without sounding disgusting?) and definitely after holding our pet turtle because they carry salmonella bacteria that will wreak much unwanted havoc on the human digestive tract.
That said, this stuff is pretty special. It smells totally awesome, not medicine-like or like a doctor's office (which I don't like!). If you're going to use hand sanitizer, spring for the good stuff and use THIS definitely.

Amanda S. Says: Hillary knows I do not use hand sanitizers unless it's a serious situation (like 10 small children blowing their loses on my sweater all at once, coughing into my face), so I took to the streets with this bottle and tried it out on friends, family and coworkers who normally use these types of products anyway. The overwhelming opinion was that it was wayyyyy less drying to the skin and didn't cause the usual tightness, and it smelled really beautiful and not chemical. None of them contracted any horrible viral issues after use either, so it worked its magic for them!

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