Friday, November 30, 2012

Review - Prive Concept Verte Foaming Shampoo

Enriched with Amazon açai and babassu oil, Privé Concept Vert # 101 rejuvenates hair with antioxidants and strengtheners as it gently nourishes and cleanses. This paraben and sulfate free, high-yield formula expands into a rich, creamy foam that leaves the hair feeling and looking shiny and healthy. Color safe.

I just love Prive's products.  The quality is so high end, but the prices are affordable.  With their can reuse program, they are able to recycle and stay environmentally friendly with consumers help.

I was a little nervous with the whole idea of a foam shampoo.  I never tried one before.  This is a gentle paraben nd sulfate free formula that is safe for colored locks.  The foam is rich and thick.  It amazed me how simple it was to use.  Every inch of my shoulder length hair was covered with a little dollop of product. 

The best part is that it left my hair soft and shiny with no tangles.  I have the small 2.5 oz bottle which is great for traveling.  You won't have to worry about spilling.  You can take back the cans to a Prive salon to have them refilled or send them back to be reused. 

I absolutely love this foam shampoo.  This is a keeper!

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