Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review- L'Occitane Amber Eau de Toilette

A true Mediterranean fragrance. When the sun is slowly setting above the Mediterranean shore, cistus plants fill the air with their delicious ambered perfume. Distilled by perfumers from Grasse, France, these shrubs release a resin with an intense amber aroma - providing strength and sensuality to every fragrance. Amber Eau de Toilette captivates with its oriental, ambered and woody notes. $48

Being highly picky about what scents and perfumes I wear, I can absolutely say that I really love this Amber Eau de Toilette by L'Occitane. It's my favorite scent - rich and woody with oriental notes, and a nice touch of ambered layers. It smells so beautiful and elegant, as well as bold and sensual at the same time. I'm impressed that the fragrance comes in an affordable price range, as it smells highly luxurious and sophisticated. I would definitely recommend this Amber Eau de Toilette to someone who likes an expressive and mysterious, warm scent that lingers smoothly like a cologne or perfume. If you're searching for a classic fall/winter scent, this L'Occitane Amber Eau de Toilette is a most worthy contender to me.

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