Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review- Strip: Ministry of Waxing, NYC Location

The name is a little odd but once it was explained to me, I kind of liked it. This is a Shanghai-based business and in China, government is run by ministries, not departments like it is here - thus Ministry of Waxing.  And if there was an official position of "Chief Waxer", Dejha at Strip would certainly get my vote!  When is the last time you felt relaxed while being waxed?  And how many of you go to waxing places that "double-dip" the applicator in the tub of wax?  Those are other people's skin cells in that wax pot!  Not so at Strip.  They have individual waxing kits hanging on the wall; that really put my mind at ease.  Plus, the space is super clean, inviting and sterile at the same time. Now granted, I have very high pain tolerance, but I barely felt a thing while Dejha waxed my legs except for the ankles and feet, which always smart.  Even that wasn't as bas as what I've become accustomed to.  Then onto the bikini.  Nothing fancy, just a clean up.  Can I tell you that it was so painless we didn't even miss a beat in our conversation!  They use a special soft wax for your more sensitive parts that hardens and doesn't use a muslin strip.  It totally makes all the difference!  Honestly I can't see myself going anywhere else for this service in the future.  Between the lack of pain, the cleanliness and the superior customer service, I'd feel cheated going to another waxer.  Keep your eyes on this place, it's going to be very popular!

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