Monday, November 8, 2010

Review- Mehron Cheek Cream

Colorful, Smooth and Long Lasting cheeks are applied with CHEEK Creams by Mehron. The Makeup Experts at Mehron have developed this super creamy CHEEK Creams that can be used as a blusher using their 80 years of experience producing Makeup for the Performers. CHEEK Creams are concentrated, making them easy to use for highlighting, contouring and lining the beauty of your cheeks. Don't hide your cheeks, accent their natural beauty with the effervescent colors of CHEEK Creams by Mehron. These CHEEK Creams are made to provide a smooth application over cream and cake bases. .3oz. $5.95.

I'm so glad Hillary introduced me to the Mehron makeup line! I absolutely love this Cheek Cream as it is so easy to apply and blend. (I use my fingers, as I am that lazy!) The color is so rich and nicely pigmented that I only needed a little to reach a desired effect. In the past, I've tried many cream blushes - from drugstore brands to expensive varieties- but this Mehron blush is a top contender, especially at such an affordable price and high quality! It's especially a great blush for a night out, but I also used it to blend in with my favorite daytime blushes for the office. By itself, the cream blush didn't seem to last all day long - but working it in with my everyday blushes, it definitely brought more life and color to the usual powder blushes I use during the day. I'm definitely a huge fan, and since it's so affordable, there's no guilt in trying a few different shades and adding more quality variety to your makeup kit! I'm totally hooked!

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