Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beauty Trick- Mascara Woes- Trick #1

So you were applying your mascara and a glob of it ended up under your eye or on your eyelid (or both)!  What do you do?

Well everyone's first reaction is to try to wipe away a small glob with your finger or maybe get a tissue and try to wipe off a bigger glob- DON'T DO EITHER OF THESE.  Now it takes a little patience, but
  • Wait for the glob to fully dry.  The bigger the glob, the longer you wait.
  • Go about applying your other make-up.
  • I estimate a good amount of waiting time for a big glob is 7-10 minutes (remember, its all in a glob so the center won't dry as fast).
  • Once you've been a good, patient little girl, simply scrape the dried glob off with your fingernail and voila!  No black streak under or over your eye, nothing to cover up with make-up, just a dried glob under your nail that you can eliminate with a tissue.
  • If you are patient and wait long enough, this will work with any mascara. 
  • If this happens to you a lot, you may want to consider switching to a "tubing" mascara like Kiss Me Mascara by Blinc (my personal favorite mascara) as the wait time is shorter.
If this is a constant problem for you because you have curly lashes, shaky hands, etc. you may want to spend $1.32 on one of these:
You can get it from hereI get no kickbacks from the sale, but I do use them to apply mascara to clients and I find them indispensable.  You use the top ridge under your lower lashes for protected application, then put your eye into the opening and coat your upper lashes against the plastic.  It even has a little eyelash comb at the bottom.  I've bought quite a few things from China through and never had a problem.  Your money is held in escrow until you receive your product, so there is no risk.  And seriously, $1.32?  How can you beat that?

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